Corona crisis: see the list of hotspots across the country, which districts are included

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To beat the Coronavirus, the Indian government has decided to extend the lockdown to 3 May. With this, now the districts of the country have been divided into three zones, on the basis of which the risk of coronavirus will be measured. In these zones, it has been told which district is the hotspot of coronavirus, which has the potential to be formed and which district is still safe.

According to the information given by the central government, the list of these districts will be changed every week on Monday. That is, districts will be tested according to the situation. Action will be taken in different ways for prevention in districts, in which a total time of 28 days will be seen.

If a district has been declared a red zone hotspot, then the prevention rules will be tightened for 14 days. If no case is found in 14 days, then the district will be included in the orange zone. Then prevention work will be done for the next 14 days, when no positive case is found in the district for 28 consecutive days, then it will be included in the green zone.

Currently, 170 districts have been included in the Red Zone in the country, while 207 districts have been kept in the non-hotspot list. Of the 170 districts that are red zones, 123 have the highest number of cases and clusters are being formed in the remaining 47. Look at which districts are included in the Red Zone.

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