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On the Demand of the Public, Ramanand Sagar's show 'Ramayana' telecast once again...!

This episode of Ramayana made world record, 7.7 crore viewers watched. The telecast of Uttara Ramayana on Doordarshan is complete.

 In the last episode, when Sita Maiya sits in the earth and weeps with folded hands in front of the whole people and Lord Rama, look at the scene as if the heart of the whole nation was shaken. Along with Sita Maiya, people also started crying and expressed their reaction on Twitter.

Now the show is going to air from May 4 on Star Plus at 7:30 PM, one of India's major general entertainment channels. 

 According to the information released by Doordarshan, 'Sri Krishna' will be broadcast on TV in place of Ramayana, which will show the legend of Lord Krishna's Leela and his glory.

Shri Krishna will be telecast from May 3 at 9 pm and its repeat telecast will arrive at 9 am the next day. Released in 1993, the show is also from Ramanand Sagar and Krishna is played by Sarvadaman D Banerjee. At the same time, Swapnil Joshi, who plays Kush in Uttar Ramayana, has played the role of young Krishna in this show.