There is no possibility of getting relief from corona soon. Therefore, at the same time, we have to move forward on the path of corona prevention and step-by-step normalization of livelihood, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday. On the same day, in a video meeting with the district magistrate and police superintendent, he instructed us to gradually move towards normalizing public life. Earlier, the state government had given concessions on various activities in the Green and Orange Zones. This time the state has taken a step towards normalizing public life in the red zone as well. On this day, the Chief Minister said, the red zone has been divided into three parts. According to that share, the state government has planned to give concessions on some issues.

In Mamata's words, "Eternity will not last. There must be a balance between the corona and financial activity. Therefore, even in the event of a lockdown, the work has to be started in accordance with the mutual distance rules. ”For the time being, the state is moving ahead with a short-term plan of three months. After that, the next step in 'Mid Term' and 'Long Term' will be decided.

The practice of how long the lockdown should be kept has been going on inside the government for a few days. According to top sources, the lockdown is not only putting pressure on people's livelihoods as a whole but also negatively affecting them emotionally and socially. As a result, the government has to think quickly about the concession. The Prime Minister also said on the day that the fourth phase of the lockdown is going to be very different.