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Corona infection made a big leap in the country on Monday. As of that morning (according to 24-hour calculations), 4,213 people had been infected across the country, which is still a record. Although less than that, more than three and a half thousand people were infected with corona on Tuesday. That picture was also seen in the country on Wednesday. In the last 24 hours, another 3,525 people across the country have been affected by corona. As a result, India is now second only to China in the world in terms of Corona infection. So far, 64,261 people have been affected by corona. In China, 64,000 people have been infected.

Another 122 people have died in the last 24 hours in the country. The death toll across the country is now 2,415. According to the Union Ministry of Health, 80 percent of the dead had co-morbidity. The number of recoveries is also increasing significantly across the country. As of Tuesday, 22,455 people had recovered. A total of 24,036 people have recovered until this morning.

Maharashtra accounts for about one-third of all corona infections nationwide. There are still 24,426 people affected by corona. Of these, 921 people died. Eight thousand 903 people have been infected in Gujarat. Eight thousand 617 people have been caught in Tamil Nadu. Seven thousand 739 attacked in Delhi.