A special train will run for workers and students trapped in lockdown, the Modi government gives permission

Workers and students stranded due to special train
Home Ministry allowed the special train to run in lockdown
The number of patients with coronavirus is continuously increasing in the country. Lockdown is in force in the country to prevent infection of coronavirus. Meanwhile, the Modi government has given permission to transport the people trapped in the lockdown to their home state by trains.

The Home Ministry said, "The Ministry of Home Affairs has today given permission to run special trains to carry the stranded students and laborers with all safety measures." Actually, the central government has issued all guidelines including sending laborers to the home state. After which many state governments of the country demanded the central government to run special trains.

The Ministry of Home Affairs informed that the movement of pilgrims, tourists, and other persons along with the migrant laborers and students stranded at various places has also been approved. Special trains will be operated through the Ministry of Railways for such people trapped in lockdown.

According to the Home Ministry, 62 lakh tonnes of wheat and rice have been distributed through FCI through the states. At the same time, the situation of the movement of cargo goods has improved. At the same time, the Ministry of Home Affairs has written a letter to all the states for the smooth movement of vehicles carrying trucks and goods. It also said that no additional pass is required for them.

No pass needed

Home Ministry spokeswoman Punya Salila Srivastava said that the railway has ensured the supply of essential commodities in excess of 13 lakh wagons. The movement of trucks and goods is increasing. For economic activities, it is necessary that trucks are not stopped at the state borders. There are still such problems in many states. The Home Ministry has again clarified that trucks and freight vehicles do not need any passes. Whether they are full or empty.

The first train left for Jharkhand

On the other hand, after getting the green signal from the central government, the process of bringing back the trapped laborers, students, and others in different states of the country has started. On the demand of the state government, the Railway Ministry has run the first special train, which left for Jharkhand on Friday morning with the laborers trapped in Lingampalli, Telangana. This train will reach Hatia at 11 pm.

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