Mother's Day is celebrated in honor of Mother. 

Celebrating the mother's importance in motherhood, maternal bond, and family, many best wishes to all of you on Mother's Day. In our Indian society, the mother was given the same status as God, if someone says after God then the mother is worshiped. By the way, a mother's sacrifices cannot be done in words or by making specials on any one day. Mother's Day should be celebrated every day so that we can understand our mother's work wholeheartedly and give them the respect that she deserves. It is said that those who do not have something, they understand the true value of that thing. Those who do not have a mother, they can understand their lack well.
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Mother is the one who teaches us to live, the first person in the world who we know by touch is a mother. After giving birth to her stomach for 9 months, after these troubles, she gives birth to us. For the mother, her whole world is her children. The mother, small or big, always worries about her child. Before going to school, the lesson of life taught at home is the mother. The mother who teaches you to get up after falling. The mother who wakes up with us is a mother after studying till late at night. When the result comes, the person who is happier than us is the mother. When we come home late at night, what we wait for is our mother. The mother who saves her father from mistakes. Seeing us in trouble, whoever understands without speaking is the mother. The mother who started crying in our grief is the mother. Words will fall short to define mother, but we will not be able to define her in a few words.
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What is Mother's Day history and why do we believe in it? (Mothers Day History) -

By the way, Mother's Day Celebration has come in trend for more than a few years. People feel that it has just started, but it is not so. It started in Greek and Roman 100 years ago. Rhea, the wife of the Greek Cronis, used to celebrate this day to honor her many deities. The Romans also worshiped their deity in the spring. To honor Mary, the mother of the first Christian Christ, the month's fourth was to celebrate it on Sunday.
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Although Mother's Day Celebration is mainly considered in the beginning, here in 1908 Anna Jarvis builds a martyr's memorial in a church in Virginia in memory of her mother. His campaign reminded us of Mother's Day started in us. Anna put the matter of declaring it in front of the government there to be a national holiday, on which the Congress government began to mock and started celebrating mother-in-law's day with her mother. Due to Anna's efforts, it was celebrated in 1911 by declaring it a local holiday. After this, in 1914 Wilson announced Mother's Day in honor of Mother, the second Sunday of May, and declared it a National Holiday. After this, Hallmark Cards and another company started bringing greeting cards in the market for this special day from 1920. Anna used to think that these companies are wrongly placing the importance of this day in front of the people, and they believed that the importance of this day is related to spirit and not to any business. After this, Anna started boycotting this day and filed cases against all those companies. She used to appeal to the people to give their mother handmade cards and gifts, not from the market.
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Due to the efforts of Jarvis, this day became popular worldwide and today it is celebrated with pomp in about 46 countries. Millions of people celebrate this day as an opportunity and thank their mother heartily for their sacrifice, support, and effort.
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Mother's Day Celebration in India

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Due to the social networking site, this day has become very popular nowadays, and information has started coming in everyone. Nowadays, people from all over the city and town know this and celebrate by wishing their mother. There are many messages available for Mother's Day on the internet, social sites, which everyone wishes to send to their mother. Like other countries, people in India also wish their mother on this day, thank you, and share your old photos with them. People who live with their mother spend time with them, take them for a walk. Everyone celebrates it in their own way. People who are away from their mother with their mother on the phone, send them a gift.

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas -

Anna, who started Mother's Day, never wanted to make this poignant day a source of earning, but despite her efforts, it could not happen. Nowadays there are different cards, gifts for every day, so how could Mother's Day remain untouched by that. By the way, this is the way to share our own talk, feeling, some people speak by speaking and some people do something by giving. Let me tell you some ways by which you can make your mother feel happy this special day.

  • If you live with your mother, then hug and wish them, you can also bring a cake for them.
  • Can give flowers
  • Surprise lunch/dinner
  • Booking in a parlor
  • Gift voucher for online shopping
  • Mobile / tablet
  • Kitchen appliance
  • Customized gift

Apart from this, you can make a card or some gift with your hand. On this day, give them complete rest, give them a break from kitchen work. You should make something of their choice for your mother. Gift a new sari to your mother.
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Even if you are away from your mother, you can do something special for them,

  • You can reach them through online shopping.
  • Apart from this, make a booking with your father at his favorite restaurant, and tell him to go.
  • You can get the gate together with their old friends at home.
  • Together with all your siblings, send a good video, and send it to your mother.
  • If your mother is away from today's social site, then you give them a smartphone and tell them about this world.

Make some special plans with your mother this Mother's Day, so that she can remember this day throughout her life. There cannot be a better opportunity to thank mothers. How are you celebrating this day with your mother, do share with us? In this way, the Hindi versions of the precious words spoken by great people have been written.
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