PM Modi can address the country in the next few days

New Delhi. In view of the increasing infection of Coronavirus in the country, PM Narendra Modi on Monday interacted with Chief Ministers across the country through video conferencing. The second lockdown is scheduled to end on 3 May. Just a week before that, PM has held this meeting.

According to sources, West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee also attended this meeting. But CM Pinarayi Vijayan of Kerala was not in this meeting. According to the ANI, Kerala had already given its suggestions in writing.

Since the lockdown began, PM has interacted with Chief Ministers across the country through video conferencing thrice till now. Sources say that the lockdown removal measures have been discussed in this meeting. However, given the ever-increasing transition, some states want to extend the lockdown beyond May 3.

The PM first announced a 21-day lockdown on 24 March, which ended on 14 April. After that, he has announced a lockdown for the second time on 14 April which will run till 3 May.

Earlier on Sunday, PM Modi said in his mind that the country is fighting a war and people should take special care right now. PM Modi also said that they do not get stuck in more confidence. We should not have this illusion, the corona cannot touch us.

It is said here that caution has been taken, an accident has happened, our ancestors have said, the fire, debt, and disease left lightly, end up growing again as soon as they get the chance, so it needs complete treatment. Two yards is very important for good health. He finally said that we hope to see the news of corona liberation next time we meet.

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