How to do home isolation on mild symptoms of coronavirus

The figures of people infected with the coronavirus epidemic are increasing continuously in the country. Meanwhile, there are many cases where some people have few symptoms of the corona. That is, his condition is not very serious. In such a situation, the Ministry of Health has issued a guideline on Monday that if such people have better facilities to live and relax at home, then they can follow home isolation. Some guidelines have been released for this.

- If the doctor has reported a very low number of symptoms of corona in a person, then he can do home isolation.

- There should be isolation facilities at home, there should be separate living facilities for the people living together.

- An assistant must be together for 24 hours, who is constantly in contact with the hospital.

- The person coming in contact with the corona infected person should take hydroxychloroquine according to the advice of the doctor.

- Download the Arogya Setu App on your phone.

- The person will have to constantly inform the hospital and the district medical officer about his health.

- Self-isolation is required to fill the given form.

Apart from this, information is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

In which case should immediately contact with doctors be necessary?

- Shortness of breath

- Continuous chest pain

- Mental confusion.

- Lips, face blue.

- When treatment is advised by the doctor.

According to the Health Ministry, it is to be continued until the medical officer declares you corona free and asks you not to end the isolation.

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