Slideshow For Blogger Post

Automatic Slideshow

Copy The Code Paste on Your Blogger POST HTML


Automatic Slideshow

Change image every 2 seconds:
1 / 3
Caption Text
2 / 3
Caption Two
3 / 3
Caption Three


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How To Create A Slideshow Gallery For Blogger Post

1. First copy the code then go to your notepad and paste it.

2. U can change width according to your needs.
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3. Change your Header:
     <h2>Automatic Slideshow</h2>

4. Change Paragraph:
     <p>Change image every 2 seconds:</p>
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5. Paste Your Image URL:
   <img src="img_nature_wide.jpg" style="width:100%">
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6. Write Your Caption:
    <div class="text">
Caption Text</div>

7. But Main Problem Is How to generate you image URL, 

7.1. Open Your Blogger On New Tab And Click On Create Post
       Upload Images that you want on Slideshow
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8. Paste Image URL And Edit Caption:

    1 / 3</div>

<img src="img_nature_wide.jpg" style="width:100%">
  <div class="text">
Caption Text</div>
    2 / 3</div>
<img src="img_snow_wide.jpg" style="width:100%">
  <div class="text">
Caption Two</div>
   3 / 3</div>
<img src="img_mountains_wide.jpg" style="width:100%">
  <div class="text">
Caption Three</div>

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9. Paste Your All 3 Image URL On All Three Place.

10. Copy The Whole Code And Paste Your Blogger Post In HTML, Where You want.

Hope I solve Your Problem😉😉