To help people, Salman Khan starts 'Anna Daan Challenge' challenge, appeals to fans to donate food

Bollywood News: In the Coronavirus lockdown, Bollywood stars are seen shaking shoulder to shoulder with the government. Whether it is to donate to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund or to distribute food to the poor, Bollywood stars are not retreating in any work. If we talk about Salman Khan here, Bhaijaan has started a new initiative to help people. Salman Khan has named this initiative 'Ann Daan Challenge'.

Shortly before, Salman Khan shared a picture on social media and wrote, 'Baba and Baba Zeeshan distributed ration to 1,25,000 families from Aan Baan Shan. Now it is your turn to complete this challenge. Take the help of your trusted people to complete the challenging food.

In his post, Salman Khan has mentioned his politician friend who distributed rations to 1,25,000 families at the behest of Bhaijaan. At the same time, Salman Khan himself is also busy helping people. Right from the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, Salman Khan has been feeding Raj food to 25 thousand workers of the Film City.

Manoj Sharma, assistant director of the film and TV industry, recently revealed through a screenshot that money has been sent to his account through Being Human. Ever since these screenshots surfaced on social media, people have been praising Salman Khan fiercely. Meanwhile, Salman Khan has extended a hand to help the people by launching a new challenge grain donation.

Aamir Khan distributed money to the poor

Apart from Salman Khan, Aamir Khan has also announced to help people in the coronavirus lockdown. Aamir Khan has distributed flour in a truck in Delhi. With which people have also been given 15,000 rupees. Fans are quite surprised to see this generosity of Aamir Khan. A video of Aamir Khan's help is going viral on social media. Apart from this, stars like Sanjay Dutt, Varun Dhawan, and Shah Rukh Khan are also distributing food to the poor.