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Want to make money with the Amazon affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging.

It works by:

  • You simply link to your favorite products or service throughout your posts.
  • Then someone uses your link and clicks through to view the product or service.
  • The person purchases the product or signs up for that service.
  • Then you make a commission!


Did you know that Amazon offers an affiliate program?

You can link to your favorite products available to buy on Amazon. 

Then every time a reader clicks through and buys something from Amazon, you will make a commission!
Amazon affiliates is a great option because it has thousands of products across a range of different niches.

So whether you blog about food, fitness, beauty, fashion… There are bound to be products you use and love available on Amazon for your readers to buy, and for you to start making affiliate sales from!


Whilst affiliate marketing can be seriously profitable, the Amazon affiliate program can be difficult to make consistent money from.
Because the commission rates are quite low (under 5% in most product categories).

However, this does NOT mean you have to struggle to make a couple of dollars every month.

Dale, my bloggy friend, and the girl boss behind Blogging Her Way, now makes $500 every month from Amazon.

And she’s put her best tips for cracking Amazon into a guide- Amazon Affiliate Affluence.

You can find out how she finally started making money from Amazon in this post!

And if you want to get her guide Amazon Affiliate Affluence, even though it is already pretty cheap you can use my discount code EBE20 to get 20% off!

1. Tell us about yourself- when you started blogging, why, etc.


My name is Dale and I am the creator of Blogging Her Way, where I teach other bloggers how to make money from affiliate marketing.
I started blogging in September 2017 as a college student because I wanted to find a way to make some extra money.

Now, I run multiple blogs and am able to earn a full-time income from blogging.

2. The Amazon affiliate program can be hard to crack. Did you struggle at first?

I definitely struggled with the Amazon affiliate program.

For the longest time, I was only making $2 or $3 a month from it and felt like it wasn’t even worth my time.

However, I knew that other bloggers were having a lot of success with the Amazon affiliate program, and I felt like I was leaving money on the table by not figuring it out.

3. When was your first real breakthrough with Amazon's affiliates?

I started another blog in October 2018 with the sole purpose of attempting to monetize it through the Amazon affiliate program.
I tested a lot of different strategies, and it paid off!

In less than a month, I had earned over $30 as an Amazon affiliate on a brand-new blog.

The following month, I earned over $400.

That was my breakthrough and I realized I had figured out an Amazon strategy that actually worked – no more months making $2.

4. How much do you make from Amazon sales now?

I typically earn around $500 a month from Amazon affiliate sales.

5. You created a guide on how to make Amazon sales. Why amazon specifically, and not a general affiliate marketing guide?

I created my ebook Amazon Affiliate Affluence because I noticed that while there were plenty of great resources out there about affiliate marketing in general, I couldn’t find anything focused just on the Amazon affiliate program.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is such a great opportunity for bloggers.
After all, Amazon is a household name and nearly everybody already shops there.

They have made sales down to a science, and they earn billions of dollars each year, so why not earn a cut of that as a blogger?

I created this guide to help other bloggers find the same success I did with the Amazon affiliate program and to share my strategies in an easy to understand way.

6. Who is Amazon affiliate affluence for?

Amazon Affiliate Affluence is for any blogger who wants to earn money as an Amazon affiliate.

This guide will help you whether you are totally new to affiliate marketing, or have been an Amazon affiliate for a while but are struggling to increase your earnings.

The strategies in this guide work for bloggers in any niche (because after all, Amazon sells just about everything!)

I have used these strategies on a lifestyle, travel, and business blog and seen success with all of them.

7. What’s included in the guide?

Here’s what’s included in Amazon Affiliate Affluence:

  • Everything you need to know in order to get approved as an Amazon affiliate.
  • How to write blog posts that actually convert and make sales.
  • How to do keyword research – the right way – to get lots of traffic and attract readers who are ready to make a purchase.
  • Advanced content and linking strategies guaranteed to increase conversions.
  • The top five types of blog posts you can write to make sales (plus my exact templates for writing them, with examples!
  • Other little-known strategies for making money as an Amazon affiliate.

You will also receive free lifetime updates to the ebook, which I update regularly.

8. Any last advice for people struggling with Amazon?

My top tip would be to create content that solves a problem and provides value for your readers!

People are most likely to make a purchase if it helps them accomplish a particular outcome.

For example, maybe your reader’s “problem” is that they want to learn how to start a bullet journal.

By writing a helpful, detailed blog post about how to start a bullet journal and including Amazon affiliate links to bullet journal supplies like notebooks, pens, markers, etc. you are likely to make a sale.

It really is that simple, but I see so many bloggers who don’t realize this and instead just throw affiliate links into their blog post at random hoping to make a sale.

Creating problem-solving and valuable content is one of the best things you can do, and something I cover in more detail in my ebook!