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The internet has revolutionized the way we are able to homeschool. It has put a world of amazing resources at our fingertips. If you are looking for a way to tap into the power of the internet to supplement your homeschool, then you are in the right place, my friend!

I have gathered up a list of over 130 YouTube channels that can be used to supplement your homeschool.

A lot of people get down on YouTube because of all the inappropriate content, but there is a lot of good stuff on YouTube, as well. Today, I am sharing over 130 educational YouTube channels that you can use today to supplement your homeschool studies.

This year I am wanting to tap into the goodness of YouTube to supplement our homeschool. There are lots of ways to use YouTube in homeschooling. Here are a few:

  • have a child watch a video or playlist while you work 1:1 with another child
  • during lunch
  • when your child starts to resist doing work
  • when everyone needs a “break” time
  • sick days
  • traveling
  • to supplement, introduce, or review a topic

It can be so time-consuming to wade through all the bad or inappropriate material to find the good stuff.

So, today I am doing it for you! I’ve gathered up a list of over 130 of the best educational YouTube channels to add to your homeschool or use in a pinch!

In this list of educational videos you will find:

  • YouTube channels for preschoolers
  • YouTube channels for elementary school
  • YouTube Channels for middle school
  • YouTube channels for high school
  • YouTube channels grouped by subject
  • General YouTube channels for learning

Each educational YouTube channel contains a link that will take you straight to that channel, so you can get started right away or subscribe to the channel for later use.

Below the list are instructions on how to create playlists and subscribe to channels, so be sure to check those out at the bottom of this post if you are new to YouTube.

Subscribing to channels and creating YouTube playlists can save you a ton of time going forward.

Ok, let’s get to the best educational YouTube videos for your homeschool!

YouTube Channels for Preschool

YouTube Channels for Middle School

YouTube Channels for High School

YouTube Channels for Gym Class

YouTube Channels for Math

YouTube Channels for History

YouTube Channels for Geography

YouTube Channels for Science

YouTube Channels for Language Arts/Foreign Language

YouTube Channels for Art

YouTube Channels for Music

YouTube Channels for Bible

YouTube Channels for General Learning