Frustrated by low pageviews? What if I tell you 17 reasons why your blog is not getting traffic? Find the why first! & Get traffic to your website for free.

You are tired of reading posts where bloggers share traffic reports but in reality, their website traffic strategies no longer work?

Or, maybe it frustrates when your blog is not getting any traffic at all. It also makes you wonder why it’s happening? What are the reasons you’re not getting blog traffic?

I totally get you!

I used to feel exactly the same when I started out. Even, I used to check my blog statistics every hour. Can you believe this? I know, I was eagerly excited about blogging.

But, as time grows, I learned a lot and my top lessons were ‘patience’ and ‘persistence’.

Wait, I’m not going to talk about patience!

I know, as a new blogger, you’re eagerly excited to grow traffic to your blog too so I’m leaving all reasons in this post of why your blog is not getting traffic.

And, if you could relate to any of those reasons do let me know in the comments section below so I can cheer you up and answer any question that might trouble you at this moment.

But, first – the big question.


There can be so many reasons for zero or low website traffic but then, we also have solutions because that’s how bloggers are still getting traffic every day and strategies still work.

And, one more thing…

You’re not alone!

Even if you just take a minute and ask the same question in any Facebook group you’ll have so many people coming up with the same problem.

I don’t get 100 views a day.

I don’t know why my blog is not growing.

No one sees my post.

No one comments.

I’m struggling with more page views.

I don’t feel the urge to write anymore – I’m lost.

Do you know what I did?

I asked.

If you have recently started blogging and you’re super new to this blogging world then listen(okay, read) to me.

You’re going to take a little more time in growing your blog as compared to others who’ve been blogging already or have some experience already.

But, if you’re a baby born blogger but are determined to work hard, and implement strategies then you’ll easily get traffic to your blog.

I’m not joking because I know, you can!

All it requires is a full-time dedication to taking your blog to the next level.

So, let’s find out why your blog isn’t getting traffic at all. As soon as you figure out the why’s, you will have to find the solution and take action right away.

All clear.

Let’s jump on some reasons why blogs don’t get traffic.


Here are some real things you might be missing or doing wrong on your blog. Just figure out those errors, and rectify them. If you’re new then don’t worry at all. You will still be able to get more traffic to your blog and it’s totally achievable.


Just think about it.

What if your readers are not interested in what you write? Or, your content is totally irrelevant to your audience? It’s not working either way.

If that’s your situation, you have to sort it out by knowing two things.

1- Find the right people

2- Write engaging content on topics that interest them

Start knowing and understanding your audience first. There are multiple ways through which you can target the right audience who’s actually waiting for you to show up so that they reach you. This could be the first mistake you might be making with your blog.

If you’re guilty of targeting the wrong people and producing irrelevant content then your blog is not going to get any targeted traffic which means no growth.

First, find the right people and start showing up! Let them know what your blog is about and how your blog is the right place to find the content they’ve been looking for.


But, what is timeless content?

Timeless content is any content that does not have an expiry date which means it does not go dated. Remains evergreen! I strongly believe in creating more evergreen content so that your blog gets regular traffic and readers.

Many bloggers are not familiar with evergreen content and that is why they don’t even include the creation of such content in their content strategies.

Even if you publish 10 posts every month, try to make at least 2 evergreen blog posts so that you can promote it every day, week, month or every year.

Instead of writing a 300-word post, invest more time in creating long pieces so that it can drive consistent traffic over a period of time.


Tell me, how much time you devote to promotion?

Twice a week, and is only Facebook? I wonder.

As a new blogger, you may not know hundreds of other ways to drive traffic but you should know that there are so many ideas to promote your one blog post. Imagine, if you follow a plan and promote blog posts using multiple ideas?

Sometimes, new bloggers are also afraid of their reader’s reactions. What if someone leaves a bad comment? What if no one reads my blog? And, What if people criticize my opinions?

Forget all what if’s.

Stop thinking that way!

If someone leaves a bad comment, reply with a GOOOOD answer or if it’s inappropriate just delete the comment. It’s YOUR blog, and you’re the boss here.

If no one is reading your blog, figure out why and start working on it. As simple as that. This is how we all got better with time.

If people criticize your opinions, spare a minute and think if their criticism is worth spending time for? Or, they’re just letting you down for no reason. Give them a shut-up call and FOCUS.

No matter how many posts you write but if you’re not promoting it, they are of no use! Focus on promoting your post on every single platform from day 1.

Yes, I strongly urge you to promote. I don’t mean to spam but do meaningful promotions.


Let me ask.

Have you optimized your blog for search engines?

If yes, then start working on your posts and wait to see the SEO magic which means free organic traffic.

If not, start optimizing every single blog post.

In order to be get indexed by search engines like Google, you need to make your site available for search engines. That means, make your blog post ready for SEO.

Here is some post you should see it.

Organic traffic is the best free quality traffic every blogger wants. Once, your site starts getting some organic traffic – you’ll have to spend less time worrying about traffic numbers and more on generating leads. But, it does require some effort and time.

Organic traffic doesn’t result in a matter of a few days. A right SEO strategy results in high-quality traffic from search engines.

That’s what we want, right?


Do you constantly look at your own blog, and imagine the magical traffic? Well, it won’t work!

You got to show up and connect with other bloggers.

Blogging isn’t something boring. Make it more fun. Enjoy blogging.

Start meeting other bloggers. Read their blogs and leave comments on their blog posts. Let them know you’re new to blogging and you write on this topic. Take part in any collaboration. Engage with new bloggers.

Start doing these three things;

  • Make thoughtful comments on 5 blogs every day
  • Read new blogs and improve your knowledge
  • Engage with new bloggers on social media. Like and share their posts. Give them shout outs on your social media profiles.

If you’re new to blogging then know that PINTEREST is a big thing! Nowadays, bloggers and business owners are using Pinterest daily for making money, getting endless traffic, making sales, building connections, finding inspiration and whatnot.

Just like any other marketing channel, Pinterest also requires some simple rules to follow and when you do that, you grow.

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Expecting hundreds of views every hour will not work, but trying and experimenting with new strategies might get new traffic to your blog. Instead of scratching your head every time when you see low traffic numbers, make a commitment and use a new marketing strategy to promote your blog post.

But, what are new ideas?

  • Build an email list to promote your blog posts
  • Create landing pages and collect email subscribers
  • Use Twitter to promote new posts
  • Create videos and use video marketing
  • Start youtube and create videos around significant topics
  • Design infographics and promote them
  • Use Instagram to drive new users to your blog
  • Be active on the Facebook page
Email marketing is going big and it’s the best time to build your own email list. When you grow your email list and set up automation series, it’s super easy to get consistent traffic from email subscribers.

Emails are not only used for promoting content, but also for building a trustworthy relationship with your readers so that they become a regular reader and customers.


Spend a few minutes and check your headlines.

Now, tell me.

Are they good enough to attract readers to click your post, and read what’s inside? Do they incite curiosity among people? Do you ever rewrite your headline to see if it attracts more clicks to your website? Do you know how to convert your blog posts?

Look at this example;

Headline #1 – Cake recipes to try at home

Headline #2 – 8 delicious cake recipes every cake lover MUST try at home

Which one would get more clicks?

The second one, right?

Next time, when you write your blog post – make sure to create different headline versions and pick the one that makes people click your post.

A well-written headline can actually pull readers in. It also increases the click-through rate, which thus ultimately gets more clicks.

To be honest, I have struggled with headlines too and it wasn’t easy to come up with an extra-ordinary headline. To help myself and other bloggers, I published 7 headline formulas to produce catchy headlines for blog posts.


Are you just blogging for fun? If yes, then enjoy it!

Don’t get into the loop of getting more traffic numbers.

But, the real thing is no one likes the fact that only two people read the post no matter how hard they try.

Become more focused. Have a clear vision of your blog. Define your blogging goals clearly, and prepare an action plan to achieve those goals. Spend some time figuring out what do you want from your blog.


Are you guilty of spending less time on blogging?


Blogging is full-time work, but even if you do it in your free hours then make sure, you’re spending your time efficiently.

As a blogger, you’re responsible for so many tasks including planning, researching, writing, connecting, marketing, social media, networking, image designing, and so many other things.

Of course, you can outsource blogging tasks to others but as a newbie, you may find this extra expense.

The best thing is to start giving more time to your blog and learn more about blogging. Every day, do one blogging task that will help you get closer to your blogging goal.


I have to tell you one thing here.

Blogging is about consistency! In order to grow yourself as a blogger, and build continuous traffic, you need to be persistent and determined.

Even today, when I take a short break from blogging I notice some fall in traffic and subscribers. Why? Because I was not being consistent on the platform.

Many of us still struggle with inconsistency but this is the most important thing that helps you to stay on the platform, and grow.

Here are some tips to help you become consistent;

  • Plan ahead
  • Always schedule your content in advance
  • Try to be active on 1-2 social media channels
  • Let your followers and readers know where they can easily reach out
  • Do small blogging activities that cheer you up and motivate
  • Read other blogs to stay inspired
  • Use a digital blog planner

You may ask what is this relation between investment and traffic?

Well, there is!

Gone are those times when you just pick a free platform like and start writing blogs. It was easier to gain traffic, and connect. But, things are not the same today.

You need to treat your blog like a small business.

Go self-hosted and choose – not For choosing a self-hosted blog – you pay less than $4 a month but this small investment is a lot better than waiting for years to build traffic and grow your blog.

Don’t scare to invest in blogging tools that automate your marketing. And, Don’t scare to invest in educational material like ebooks, or courses. Don’t scare to hire a coach. Don’t scare to buy an SEO tool subscription. These are all investments in your blog/business that will make you money and help you grow online.

Take out a limited amount and spend carefully on your blog.

For example, if you use Pinterest then investing in tailwind will help you automate unlimited pins. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and trust me, it’s my best ever investment.

Ask any successful blogger and they will tell you how much they have invested and how much they invest every month to build their blogs.


Social media is a fast and free marketing channel for growing any online business. Similarly, bloggers are using social media to build their audience. Nowadays, everyone uses social media to get entertained, stay updated and whatnot.

Know what your audience is already there, and they are waiting for you to share some content.

If you’re a new blogger then I don’t recommend you use all social media channels at the same time. Even the best advice is to choose one channel and stick to it.

If you think the insta-fam responses you well then learn to master at Instagram and use to drive traffic.

Facebook pages are big in multiple entertaining niches so definitely use your Facebook page to build traffic and follow.

Use Facebook groups to participate in threads.

Start using twitter to engage and connect with other bloggers.


Nothing will work if you’re not passionate!

Even I have been blogging continuously for more than 2 years but I still feel that the only thing that has kept me stick to my blog is my passion.

And, to be honest, blogging will not work if you are not enthusiastic about it.

At times, blogging can be boring too but you need to make your blog interesting. Do blogging for fun sometimes. Enjoy doing activities that bring you joy.

Engage with other bloggers and make a small community.


Have you ever stopped visiting a website just because it has a pathetic design? Or, maybe poor navigation. Too much clutter. Bad layout?

Well, I have stopped visiting such websites because they are poorly designed. That is true.

I’m sure you must have too!

As a reader or user point of view, website design is the most important and attractive feature. If you have a more professional, and clean layout, your readers will come back to your site and be there for a long time.

Consider spending some minutes over your website and figure out what are some bad points that may lead visitors to leave your site.

Once you’ve figured out, look for more professional theme options and give a new look to your website.

Some other tips are;

  • Use simple fonts – not fancy ones
  • Add more white space
  • Make categories and pages clear
  • Use pretty photos from sites like pixistock to attract readers

You literally have to ASK readers to share your post.

Yes, you do have to!

First, install a social media plugin and enable it on your website. If you’re already doing it then check if the buttons are working.

Use free plugins like Marshare, social warfare or social pug.

Make sharing effortless for your readers. Active your social share buttons in different places to test out. Display social media sharing buttons on top of the page or bottom.

Secondly, add a click to action at the end of the post.

Ask your readers to share the post. We are more likely to take action when someone asks us to do. Similarly, ask your followers to share your post on Facebook or Twitter.

Ask them to save the pin!


The last but most important thing is that YOU’RE NOT ADDING ENOUGH VALUE!

Don’t take me wrong or rude but blogging is becoming competitive and challenging. You need to stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

As a new blogger, you need to create quality-rich content and attractive images to drive the reader’s attention.

Choose unique topics that add more value. Write for your readers, and offer them free help in the form of excellent content, freebies or maybe, a community.

Research a little bit before you write. Make your content eye-pleasing to make it visually attractive.