Both autobiography and biography are new genres of literature. Both are the mode of narrating various incidents and incidents in the life of a particular person. An autobiography is a story written by a person in reference to one's own life, whereas when another person writes on a person's life, it is called a biography. This is the basic difference between autobiography and biography, but due to this difference, many other differences emerge.

In a biography where the biography is written by another person, the author presents his own biography. In the autobiography, the writer is connected to the depths related to personal life, but in the biography, the author is not able to connect with the life of the charred hero so deeply. Autobiography is more reliable than a biography. In the autobiography, the author presents his biography himself and no one knows as much as the author knows about himself. On the contrary, when the biographer says something about someone, there is the possibility that something may have remained confidential, some part of the truth has been covered.

The autobiography writes its biography only in its lifetime, while the writing of the biography is not necessarily in the life of the protagonist. The autobiographer has all the information related to his life in his mind, while the biographer has to collect the same material from different sources. If the charred hero is a history-man, then the biographer has to do extensive research on his life.

A biography is an autobiographical, subjective subject where the object is objective. In a biography, the author enters from outside, while in the autobiography, the author reveals his inner life to the outside. In a biography where many things remain predictable, everything in autobiography is dependent on truth, is based on self-realization.

It can be said that a biography is a literary genre in which the story of a particular person's life is an artistic composition presented by another writer in a neutral way. Whereas an autobiography is a presentation of one's own life story that is written artistically without any imagination, highlighting completely flawless virtues.