If you are reading or writing an online article, then you have heard the words blog, blogging, and blogger many times, then in this article, we will understand the meaning of these words and know that they are used.

Blog  (ब्लॉग)

Blog means that a person or small group publishes on the website internet to exchange information which is regularly updated.

If you publish a website through the internet to the person whom you write an article on a regular basis, then that website is called a blog.

People write blogs for many reasons, such as to provide information, to give information or write an article, for publicity, NEWS, to earn money through the Internet or to create a group or to update regularly.

You can create a blog in two ways:

By creating your own website:

You can also do this by creating your own blog, website, for this you will have to buy a domain name and also buy your website hosting service, you can use popular CMS (content management system) software like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal for free. However, the domain and hosting charges of the website have to be paid separately.

Using the blogging platform:

If you do not want to spend now and want to write your blog, then you can use a free blogging platform such as Blogspot, medium, Tumblr. In this, this service provider lets you use your domain (such as www.blogspot.com) sub-domain (such as www.example.blogspot.com) and use your hosting service.

The main problem in this is that you get limited access and you do not get your own domain and control service remains with the provider.

Blogging (ब्लागिंग)

The activity shown above is the blogging activity.

Blogging means the act of regularly publishing the website through the Internet to exchange information about a topic.

In which the person regularly updates the website, such as writing articles, providing photos or providing Mahitika regularly.

Blogger (ब्लॉगर)

The person who performs the activity shown above is called Blogger (Blogger).

The person who publishes the website regularly through the Internet to exchange information about a subject is called Blogger.

We can also call Blogger in Hindi as 'writer who writes on the Internet'.

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