Pinterest For Bloggers

ब्लॉगर्स के लिए Pinterest

Directing new customers to your blog isn’t easy. To be honest, it can be very difficult and it requires a lot of work.

First of all, you need to have traffic. It’s impossible without it.

Digital marketers constantly look for newer and better sources of high-quality traffic. They try to master social media marketing, content marketing, and many others at once.

They promote their brands in many places and usually become jacks of all trades. And it’s never a good thing.

If you’re good at everything, you’re good at nothing.

So, what is the alternative?

Focusing most of your time and energy on one source of traffic.

Well, I’m not saying to delete all of your social media accounts, but you should try to master one thing and become an expert in one particular area.

Is there any specific platform for bloggers that stands out?

Yes, there is. It’s Pinterest.

Let’s find out why bloggers should use Pinterest.

Pinterest For Bloggers.

First things first, though.

What is Pinterest?

Most of the active users are women. The percentage of women is as high as 70% but more and more men are joining.

There are two kinds of accounts you can create.

Personal and business. There are more features available in business one.

You can register both for FREE.

How does Pinterest work?
Pinterest कैसे काम करता है?

Well, Pinterest allows its users to visually share and discover new interests by posting (known as „pinning” on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards.

People use it to save ideas, products, and recipes. They do it either to share it or bookmark it for later.

Pinterest boards aren’t the only place where you can pin images from. You can also save Pins directly from websites using „Pin it” buttons.

Why bloggers should use Pinterest?
ब्लॉगर्स को Pinterest का उपयोग क्यों करना चाहिए?

User engagement on Pinterest is very high

People on Pinterest engage so much more than on other platforms. They click on the Pins more often, they save it more often and they share it more often.

Because of that, your content can get exposed to a lot more people than on other platforms.

You can get a lot of high-quality traffic from Pinterest.

What does high-quality traffic actually mean?

Two things in this case.

The first one is that 40% of Pinterest users have a household of $100k+ which is quite a lot.

The other one is that Pinterest is a significant influencer of purchasing decisions.

Pinners buy a lot of products because of Pinterest so you can use it to promote your products or review affiliate offers.

Pinterest is the second-best source of referral traffic.

According to Pinterest is doing better and better every year.

In 2017 they were responsible for 7,53% of all referral traffic with only Facebook above.

Knowing all that the question is how can you not use Pinterest?

Content On Pinterest Lives Longer.

When you post something on Twitter or Facebook it usually is seen for a few hours. After that, it kinda disappears and no one can see it anymore.

With Pinterest it’s different. Popular Pins can bring you traffic for years.

Every time someone saves your content it gets exposed to a new audience.

It’s easier to reach more people using Pinterest than on other platforms.

To reach thousands of people on other social media platforms you need to have a significant number of followers.

On Pinterest though, you can join Pinterest Group Boards or use Tailwind Tribes.

These two features allow you to get access to other people’s audiences.

P.S. You can register a FREE account on Tailwind. You’ll be able to join 5 Tribes and Pin 30 Pins per month. I was using it myself and it’s enough to check the features.

You REALLY CAN drive a lot of traffic with Pinterest.

There are hundreds of blog posts out there about people having success getting tons of traffic from Pinterest.

Literally HUNDREDS.

So, why bloggers should not underestimate Pinterest?
तो, ब्लॉगर्स को Pinterest को कम क्यों नहीं समझना चाहिए?

Every online business – not only bloggers – should use Pinterest. I believe that this is the best FREE source of traffic.

It has enormous potential and it doesn’t require to have thousands of followers to get a decent amount of high-quality traffic.

You can find a lot of success stories on the Web. People who either waited for SEO to work or didn’t focus on it at all and used Pinterest instead.

Some of them got really tremendous results.