Do you ever wonder why everyone talks about increasing blog traffic?

Blog posts, ebook, courses, podcasts or emails.

The topic ‘Blog Traffic’ is everywhere.

Because getting enough traffic is the ultimate need to make your blog successful.

Yes, it is.

I don’t want to lie.

Whether you want to make money through blogging, sell a product, increase affiliate sales or even monetize your blog – website traffic is important.

Let me assume.

You have created a blog. Maybe, produced few blog posts and designed images. Now, you are trying to promote it on social media and everywhere else. That’s it?

Getting 1000 daily readers mean nothing to some people, while few struggle to get 100 visitors a day.

If you want to learn how to get 1000 readers every day to your blog then scroll down.

Trust me, if you seriously note down the points and start working on it from day 1 then I guarantee you results. Of course, you’ve to work hard but you’ll see the results every day.

Let’s dive into it.

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One thing.

There’s no rocket science to get massive traffic to your blog.

You’ve to give you 100%.

Ask any influencer about traffic tips. The first advice you probably get is to ‘work hard’ and produce great content. Then, they reveal effective strategies from their long experience.

Your first idea target should be to get 1000 daily readers. If you reach up to this mark, you start making money through your blog. It will definitely make a huge difference to your blog.

But, how to get 0-1000 daily readers?

I break the process into three parts.

Before you read the blog traffic tips, I have my own case study to share with you!

Now, let’s find out how you can get daily 1000 visitors to your blog.


I always make it clear that blogging isn’t easy. Yes, it’s simple but you’ve to do it with passion. Many bloggers often ask about getting blog traffic, increasing social media followers and making money online. But, when I ask about their blogging work they go blank.

You cannot make a successful blog without doing endless hours of work.

You cannot make money if you don’t build traffic to your blog.

You don’t sell a product if you don’t have an audience that trusts you or believe in you.

Before you expect high traffic numbers – you need to give your 100%.

What exactly you could do to be authentic and gain consistent traffic?

In brief,

You just need to work on your blog and give your best.

I also realize the shortage of time for doing excessive blogging activities.

I understand it’s not easy.

Whatever you write or create, do it with interest. Make it the best! Your content stays up live forever. So, polish the posts and improve them. Do the same with images, widgets, emails, etc.

Treat your blog like client work.

Some other tips;

  • Write on topics that are closely related to your specific reader
  • Don’t just write an opinionated post. In fact, add little research, creative ideas, and more information.
  • Have your own blogging voice so that your readers know you.
  • Make captivating images and pins by using stock images.
  • Promote, Promote and Promote
Another point,

Have you been reading a lot about Pinterest for traffic?

Well, it’s all true! If you follow Pinterest strategies and use it regularly for promoting your pins, and collecting other pins then be assured to UP your traffic numbers fast.

Start using Pinterest to build daily traffic.

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Some quick tips;

  • Pin daily
  • Create attractive pins
  • Follow Pinterest SEO and gain organic traffic
  • Be consistent


Are you blogging consistently?

If not – you’ve to take blogging seriously.

We all strive to post consistently but most of the time, we fail.

This is where we make a mistake.

Would you rather visit a blog that updates weekly content or get attracted to a blog that was last updated 3 months ago?

I assume. You go for the updated (fresh) content.

That’s what I prefer.

You only get repetitive and new visitors to your blog if you post consistently.

Just like the quality of content matters, the frequency to publish content also matters. As a blogger, you need to balance a good relationship between frequency and content.

I explained the overall process in this blog post about being consistent with blogging life. I highly suggest you follow the art of consistency if you want to grow your following.

Remember, it’s not just about posting content heavily.

It’s a lot of other work too.


So, you are going to work more in a strategic way to grow your traffic and get 1000 daily visitors.

You get the tips for becoming consistent and establishing a routine blogging life.

Wondering, what’s next?

We all need mentors or experienced bloggers who went through all the phases. They got something that we don’t have any idea about. Right?

Getting traffic isn’t complicated. It’s extra work.

For that, you need to first LEARN, GET JUICY STRATEGIES and then IMPLEMENT.

Your blog is a serious business, and you need to take it seriously.

Hope You Like It......

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